What of Magic I hear you ask? Of the men and women who could tap into the energies of the land istelf – the elements that made up all that existed. Or who could influence nature itself!

Well, like the clerics of old, these people live solitary lives and are rare indeed. The sacrifices that their trade demanded made it a very reluctant choice for profession. Add to that the rarity of the required talent needed to harness the raw elements or powers and once more you are left with the chance of meeting one less than the chance of finding a hen with teeth.

Do not be fooled by the many tricksters that pretend to have magic – using sleight of hand and a quick wit to falsely cheat the onlooker.

What of magic that was told to be in the swords of ancient tales and the heroes of old? Their armour that kept them safe from mythical beasts?

Well, this can mostly be attributed to the fine craftsmanship and superior quality of the materials used.

Yet once again, do not be disheartened. There have been items forged by magic, or by the Gods themselves. Lying hidden, lost or forgotten. The very substance of legend.

Magic is a strange and wonderous thing – a life force, or energy in the very air we breathe. An essence of the elements, present in all things.

All you need is the skill to find it, use it – and, most importantly, the talent to control it.


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