There are tales of long past legends when men and women who were so attuned to their Gods that they were able to wield some of their dieties powers. That is not so now.

Mostly the priests that live in the lands are spiritual, or are preachers who speak of piety and seek to gain followers or wealth or both. Many are deluded about their Gods and many are charlatans seeking to defraud their flock. But all are given power by the blind, misguided faith of the easily led common folk.

These self proclaimed vassals of the Gods also hold some influence over those with power, seeking to gain favour with those Gods. In this, those vassals themselves gain power…

Do not be fooled though – the Gods do exist in this land. Their champions do walk the earth. But they are few – so few that one may live ten lifetimes and still never meet one.


The Kingdoms of the Shattered Lands Galhered