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The Land
In the land of the Shattered Kingdoms, the King is power. Or at least to those that live in the land, oblivious to the struggle for that power. Kings ruled over all things – they were the law. They commanded the soldiers and the guards. But frequently all was not as it seemed. Often the actual seat of power lay with those closest to the King – advisors, friends, relatives and a myriad of other voices that craved his ear; to coerce, corrupt or even genuinely guide the power to their own means. Those means may well not be for the good of the people.

Beyond the Shattered Kingdoms there are other lands too. Many with similar struggles being played out away from the attention of the commonfolk. There are lands with complex governments, empires, theocracies and lands inhabited by wandering tribes and nomads. All manner of lands can be found if you look hard enough.


Main Page

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